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Voice Call Service in Lucknow

Do you want Voice Calls service in lucknow?

Voice Calls service in lucknow VOICE CALL SERVICE is really an innovative way to relay your messages to your customers or clients through voice recordings. Also known as OBD service, it is actually a very efficient system to manage the outbound calls that are initiated by our cloud telephony platform. The messages are recorded in advance thus you get the ability to send the pre-recorded messages to the number of your customers directly in bulk. As a matter of fact, the audio can be fully customized as per your wish. Not every individual in our country is adept at understanding or reason English or Hindi thus it is always necessary to send the messages in their native tongue; so that they can understand everything clearly. Thus, VOICE CALL SERVICE is a unique way to transpire your messages to your customers; so that they can understand everything you try to convey. With the VOICE CALL SERVICE, you will be able to send your messages recipients in a matter of minutes. And it will actually help your business to grow by establishing proper communication with the customers. At BHARAT DIGITECH, we offer you the best quality OBD service. Our bulk voice call service is unique in all aspects. The technology that we provide your call with a unique landline number or from your number. Thus, it increases the rate of conversions greatly.

The audio messages that will be sent are pre-recorded so that you can convey the message on the mobile numbers anywhere in Lucknow as well as other cities of India with a per-recorded voice message by sending in bulk. VOICE CALL SERVICE that are to be sent can be completely personalized. Today’s modern day marketing has chosen voice broadcasting as a promotion medium to reach out to the Indian audience to create a personal touch. You can send these VOICE CALL SERVICE in local and regional languages. This makes the receiver of the message more comfortable. Even today most people in India cannot talk in English. Hence a lot of big organizations and companies chose bulk voice SMS as a solution to reach out to them in their own language. Most companies use VOICE CALL SERVICE for lead generation, event notifications, political campaign promotions, voter registration, vote reminders, fund raising, service reminders, product promotions, announcements, give reminders like EMI, Insurance premium, Event notification, marketing products & services, meeting alerts, wake up calls, stock alerts, appointments reminders.

What Our Voice Calls service Includes:

Supports Out Bound Calls.

Can Take 1000+ simultaneous calls instantly.

Call to All India Land line or Mobile

Pay only for Answered calls.

No setup charges No monthly fees.

No Hardware or software to buy.

Easy Online Management and control with real time reporting.

Auto Redial (three attempts to ensure calling to unanswered calls – optional).

Multiple Bulk Dynamic Calls

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FAQS about Voice Call Marketing

What is bulk voice call?

Bulk Voice Calls are pre-recorded voice messages that are sent to mobile and landline networks in the country. They are automated calls and involve the automated dialling of multiple numbers all at once using computer managed lists The voice call system is the ultimate messenger you can look for.

How do I make voice calls in bulk?

Bulk voice SMS are pre recorded voice messages that delivers to a mobile or landline numbers. Its very simple and easy to use, just record & send it across. Send voice SMS to all your customers with the assistance of an internet. upload your voice to ouir Online Voice Calling System, select a group and send instantly.

What are automated calls?

A robocall is a phone call that uses a computerized autodialer to deliver a pre-recorded message, as if from a robot. Robocalls are often associated with political and telemarketing phone campaigns, but can also be used for public-service or emergency announcements.

How do automated phone calls work?

Outbound automated phone systems work by accepting bulk input of telephone numbers, usually from a computer drive or database. Depending on the caller's input, the automated phone system may play some information, route the caller to another prompt or connect the caller with a human operator.

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